Nonverbale Kommunikation, Körper und Bewegung in der interkulturellen Begegnung

Workshop Reference number: 2010-1-DE2-GRU13-05198
Venue: Gästehaus der Schreberjugend Berlin
Date of the Workshop: 09/05/2011 - 15/05/2011

Subject area: Intercultural education Artistic education, also including Arts and Crafts and Music Social integration / exclusion
Working language(s): EN
Target Group + Translation: Our target group are mainly adults from Turkey, France and England who, related to immigration and/or social and material disadvantage, face special problems in access to education and have had limited access to education in the past. Women are particularly encouraged to participate, but men are not excluded.

Main activities Programms + Programms translation:
Nonverbal communication is an often underestimated component in interpersonal interaction. Even before changing words, we communicate with our movements, gestures and posture. Because the individual ways we behave in and interpret nonverbal communication are to a large degree socially and culturally influenced, already at this stage of communication misunderstandings and feelings of strangeness can arise. This is especially the case in culturally heterogenous contexts. On the basis of communicative improvisation dance and facilitated by two experts of dance and movement pedagogy, the participants in the workshop will playfully and creatively engage with nonverbal communication and its preconditions in culturally and socially heterogenous contexts. Besides using adapted dance techniques and improvisations, the group will work towards translating the acquired knowledge into a scenic presentation.

Workshop Organiser: Entegre e.V. Für Erziehung und Bildung
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